A BASINGSTOKE charity which supports women with breast cancer is appealing for help to refurbish its new premises.

The Pink Place is in the process of relocating to 3 Wote Street – the other side of the high street from where it currently operates, from Taylor’s Hair and Beauty.

But Janis Taylor, who owns Taylor’s Hair and Beauty and who founded The Pink Place, said the charity is in desperate need of volunteers to help with the work.

She said: “We need a plumber, electrician and decorator to give their time for free to help a Basingstoke charity which will help women, men and children when we move to our new premises.”

Janis said that volunteers who had originally offered to help have let the charity down, and they now have just a few weeks to vacate their old premises, before June 24.

She added: “I thought we would be in smoothly, but because people haven’t come forward who promised their time we aren’t where we hoped to be by now.

“Whatever people can give it would really make a difference to us.”

As previously reported in The Gazette, The Pink Place will expand its services after the move, offering support five days a week, rather than once a fortnight.

The charity currently offers women going through breast cancer, support and beauty treatments, including a wig service for those who have lost their hair.

Janis founded The Pink Place with her friend Julia Dingwall in September 2010, with the aim of expanding the service.

But sadly 46-year-old mother-of-two Julia, from Hatch Warren, Basingstoke, lost her battle with breast cancer in February 2012.

For more information visit thepinkplace.org, or to offer help call Janis on 07900244636 or email info@thepinkplace.org.uk.