A TRIAL for one-way priority in various roads in Overton will start in the summer.

The scheme is designed to help pedestrians – particularly schoolchildren – reduce the number of vehicles queuing, and stop large vehicles from hitting buildings.

The year-long trial will run in High Street, Bridge Street and Red Lion Lane, and will use a combination of thick white lines to indicate where the roads narrow, temporary bollards and tactile paving for pedestrians.

Once the Hampshire County Council trial is complete, it will be decided whether to implement a permanent scheme.

The county council is also planning to implement a series of other improvements in the village, having worked with the parish council and Overton Primary School.

These are to create a proper footpath from Kingsclere Road to the school, in Court Drove, reduce the width of Glebe Meadow junction with Court Drove, to make it safer for pedestrians to cross, and carry out minor improvements to Overton Community Centre forecourt.