A PENSIONER is warning people to be aware of scammers after a man tried to trick her into giving him money.

Veronica Tigwell received a phone call at her home in Loveridge Close, Cranbourne, Basingstoke, on May 23, from a man claiming he had a £5,200 cheque to give her, for payment protection insurance (PPI).

The caller told 71-year-old Mrs Tigwell that she needed to visit a local shop, which he named, and collect a money order for £260.

He then said that he would collect the money order in person from her home, and give her the £5,200.

The man told Mrs Tigwell he was from the city courts in London, and even gave her a name and telephone number if she needed to call back.

She said: “He was going to come to my house and collect the money order. He gave me a name and reference number. He knew my phone number and address. He stated quite clearly that I had to show him my passport or driving licence.”

Mrs Tigwell told the man that she was not going to comply with his request, at which point he hung up the phone.

She said: “I spoke to my neighbours and they said get in touch with the police.”

She added: “I want to warn people to be careful. It makes me feel horrible. He knows everything about me. The police said they seem to target old people. I was worried that he was watching me coming and going.”