FOOTBALL fans in Hampshire have been urged to behave during this year’s World Cup.

The Watch Your Game campaign, launched by Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police, aims to curb expected rises in domestic abuse, drink-driving and alcohol-related violence.

World Cup 2014 starts on Thursday and finishes on Sunday, July 13.

The campaign will include drink/drug-driving operations throughout June, increased high-visibility patrols at night in town centres, and a live Facebook chat from 2pm on Monday, June 16 about domestic violence.

Licensing inspector Justin Roberts said: “The World Cup is a fantastic event and we want everyone to be able to go out and enjoy it and not have their evening ruined by drunken violence.

“Plans are in place to conduct additional high-visibility patrols in the night-time economy areas during the World Cup matches.

“We are working closely with our partners agencies, the licensing trade members and other stakeholders to minimise the impact of alcohol-related harm, crime, and disorder during the 2014 World Cup.”