A GROUP of protesters have this morning blocked off the entrances to AWE in Burghfield.

The protest, which began at around 7am, saw around 30 people use cars to block off all entrances before locking themselves to the cars and to each other.

Action AWE is behind the protest. The group is calling on parliamentary candidates to commit themselves to voting against the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system.

The protesters say that this morning’s protest is designed to delay construction work at the AWE that is going ahead in anticipation of the renewal of Trident Two cars and a trailer are involved in the protest, with one car blocking each of the two roads to the main gate and the trailer blocking the construction gate.

Of the people involved, around a third are form Wales, with others from Reading, Bradford, Cornwall, London, Norwich and elsewhere.

Many are locked to each other, while others are standing nearby to provide support and to liaise with police.

Protester Hannah Brock, from London, said: “We have to act now to stop the British government in 2016 committing to spending £100 billion on these machines, while at the same time dismantling public services in front of our eyes.”

Andrew Dey from Bradford, said: “We're not calling for the Burghfield and Aldermaston bases to be shut down. We're calling for them to stop working on nuclear proliferation.

“These bases can be used for disarmament purposes. We don't want these people to lose their jobs.”

This protest is one of several over the last few years. The latest protest was on May 19.

A statement from AWE this morning said: "The Ministry of Defence Police and Thames Valley Police are managing the situation.

"AWE will continue to work with both the Ministry of Defence Police and the local police forces to ensure the safety and security of the Burghfield site.

"AWE recognises the democratic right of individuals to participate in lawful and peaceful protest activities."