A CREATIVE and business-minded schoolgirl beat 30,000 other students to win a competition.

Entrepreneurial Hannah Quinn took part in this year’s Young Enterprise contest Tenner, in which she was challenged to set up a business and make a profit starting with just a £10 note.

The nine-year-old Park View Junior School pupil was amazed when her cleverly designed bird feeder, marketed as Basingstoke’s Best Bird Feeder, was declared the winner in the social impact category, and she enjoyed a VIP trip to London as a prize.

The competition is the biggest in Britain for young people, and this year, nearly 30,000 students registered to take part.

Participants were given a month to set up their business and make a profit, before repaying the £10 loan plus a £1 legacy donation. The rest of their profits they were free to keep for themselves or donate to charity.

Generous Hannah decided to give her entire £60 profit to Naomi House Hospice, in Sutton Scotney.

She said: “I decided to make a bird feeder to look after the birds and the environment as well. I went shopping and I got the ingredients. I got bird seeds, lard, apricots and cherries. I then made them into the shape of a bird.”

She added: “The reason why I made bird feeders is because we made them at Brownies, and I wanted to make them better.”

The Year 4 pupil could not believe how popular the £1 feeders were when she came to sell them, and she still has demand to make more, with orders coming in from those who missed out on buying one during the challenge.

She said: “I enjoyed watching everyone come to my stall because I didn’t know I would get that many customers. I sold one to my teacher, and she’s been getting birds every hour.”

As part of the competition, Hannah also created leaflets about her product, posters and a website to promote her business which she called Seed me, feed me.

The posters encouraged people to buy her product as ‘the perfect gift for mother’s day’ and promised a ‘free bird spotter’s guide with every purchase – while stocks last’.

As part of her prize for winning the competition, Hannah spent a night in London and watched a West End show before attending an award ceremony.

She said: “I was very surprised to win because I didn’t think that would happen. My family were really proud.”