THIS video shows UKIP party agent Phil Heath and UKIP councillor Stephen West arguing during a televised interview over whether newly elected Matt Ellery will represent their party.

As reported on The Gazette website, the 20-year-old won the by-election seat for Brighton Hill South, after coming second to Labour’s Pamela Lonie, with 349 votes.

But it is still not clear whether the Bournemouth University student will represent UKIP, after he was suspended by the party for making offensive comments on Facebook. As reported in The Gazette, Mr Ellery referred to women in Basingstoke as “pug ugly” and also posted a comment on April 14 saying “Genuinely feel like stabbing someone today!!!”.

Following the shock result after Thursday’s elections, Mr Ellery, who is the son of Basingstoke UKIP leader Alan Stone, has been defending himself on Twitter.

In one Tweet, posted yesterday, he said: “Not all women hating at all I simply stated there were a fair few ugly people about not all women.”

He also tried to justify not being at the election count, Tweeting: “I had to be up early for work and as my dad was there he was letting me know.”

As reported by The Gazette yesterday, UKIP is due to hold a disciplinary meeting with Mr Ellery on Monday.

Mr Ellery has agreed to be interviewed by The Gazette next week.