JURORS have been considering their verdict in the trial of Andrew Morris, who is accused of murdering Odiham chef Henry Stangroom, for almost a week.

Morris, 30, is said to have stabbed Mr Stangroom in the chest at the flat they shared in Battersea, London, on October 17 last year.

Prosecutors at the Old Bailey claiming that the attack was an an act of revenge after Morris was dumped by Mr Stangroom’s sister Michelle.

The trial has heard that Morris then tried to kill himself by slashing his wrists and firing a speargun harpoon into his chin.

During the six-week trial, Morris, who denies murder, has told the jury that he acted in self-defence.

Mr Stangroom, a former pupil at Lord Wandsworth College, in Long Sutton, was working at The Criterion restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, having moved to London from his parents’ address in Rye Common, Odiham.

Judge Wendy Joseph sent the jury out to consider their verdict last Friday afternoon, but their deliberations continue.