A GROUP of charity fundraisers, who last year skied across Norway for Naomi House and Jacksplace, have once again braved the elements.

Dan Tillson, Rich Eburne, Myriam Tillson, and Rhys Hubbard-Miles from Basingstoke joined Rob Shaw from Andover and Chris Eburne from Wales in a five-day trek across 100 kilometres of the Sahara Desert.

During the trek, the five-strong team faced temperatures between zero and 40 degrees Celsius.

The team have already managed to raise £8,000 for the two Winchester children’s hospices, beating the money they raised last year by £1,000.

DanTillson told The Gazette: “It sure does beat a normal holiday. It was quite tiring. Living without showers in tents was very difficult and there were lots of blisters.”

He also spoke of the moment the team were struck by a sandstorm, saying: “It was very scary. You couldn’t breathe without it getting into your mouth and nose.”

The brave fundraisers have not been put off and are already thinking about their next challenge.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, canoeing down a fjord in Norway and trekking across the Great Wall of China are all being challenges being considered.

Although very happy with the money they have already raised, the team want to ultimately raise £10,000.

To make a donation, visit www.saharatrekkers.com.