“HOW many new homes should be built in Bramley?”– that’s the question that was asked of residents at a meeting about a new Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday.

As previously reported in The Gazette, Bramley has been earmarked to have 200 new homes built in the borough council’s Local Plan by 2029.

However, if Bramley continues to grow at the rate which is has done since 1981, the village would have around 580 additional homes in the next 15 years.

A steering group made up of local residents, and formed by Bramley Parish Council, has been set up to work on a Neighbourhood Plan, which can determine where new homes are built, based on a number of different criteria.

Malcolm Bell, chairman of the parish council Neighbourhood Planning Committee and also a member of the steering group, said it is vital that local residents are able to have a say about where new homes are built.

He said: “We know that people really do care, and we want people to come along to these public meetings and let us know their thoughts.

“We know that new homes will be built and we need to be able to have a say in where, which is why we are creating this Neighbourhood Plan.”

The plan must accommodate a minimum of 200 homes. A meeting, open to all Bramley residents, will also be held in the Pavilion, Clift Meadow next Wednesday.

The meetings will provide people with an opportunity to ask questions and make comments after hearing a short presentation on the progress to date with the Neighbourhood Plan. There will also be workshop sessions where specific issues will be discussed in more detail.