THE man accused of the murder of Stephan Hollow has told jurors that he was acting in self-defence.

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court, William Smith said he was attacked by Mr Hollow, 53, and his son Tyler, 22, outside their home in Blackdown Close, Buckskin, in the early hours of August 19 last year.

The 28-year-old told murder trial jurors that he had been punched to the ground by Stephan Hollow, and was also being attacked by Tyler Hollow, when he felt the metal of a knife across his face.

He said: “Halfway through the struggle, I realised it was a knife. I became aware of it when I grabbed it by the handle.

“I was trying to fight back and protect myself. I grabbed it and automatically used it. I just started to use it.

“I did not know if I made contact, but when I run through it in my mind and think back, I do see it inside Stephan’s body.”

The court heard Smith ran away because he thought the father and son were chasing him.

Smith, of Pershore Road, Popley, Basingstoke, gave evidence for the first time on Tuesday, after hearing the prosecution case outlined against him.

He told the jury that he went to the house that morning because he wanted to speak to his ex-partner Megan Hards and her new boy-friend Tyler Hollow.

Smith admitted it was not a “sensible” thing to do, but said he had previously asked for a “man to man” with Tyler Hollow about the care of the children he shared with Miss Hards.

He said he spoke to Miss Hards in the garden of the house, only for Tyler Hollow to appear, “acting like Ali G” and “jumping around with his fingers for a gun”.

The pair got into an argument, trading insults, and at one point Tyler Hollow threatened him with a claw hammer, Smith said.

The jury heard Stephan Hollow then came out of his house bare-chested and pushed Smith out of the garden, before attacking him.

In cross-examination, William Mousley, prosecuting, asked Smith about his movements after Stephan Hollow was fatally injured.

The jury heard Smith ran to the house of his brother Andrew, in Berwyn Close, Buckskin, where he had taken cocaine earlier that night.

Melanie Smithson, the girlfriend of Andrew Smith, said she heard William Smith say he had stabbed someone, before he left the house. Asked if that was a confession, Smith said it did not mean the stabbing was deliberate.

Smith said he also went to his mother’s house in Dorset Crescent, Buckskin, and had a shower with all his clothes on.

Mr Mousley asked Smith if he did a “pretty good job” of washing blood off himself and then his mother’s bathroom.

Smith replied: “I was not thinking about forensics and sitting in the stand here. I had a shower because I was a mess, and yes, whilst in the bathroom, I thought I was in a world of trouble, and that I needed to run from the police.”

Later on Tuesday, the jury were sent home after the judge told them Smith was feeling unwell.

Smith denies murdering Stephan Hollow and wounding Tyler Hollow with intent. The trial continues.