CHOCOLATE tastes horrible! What if you had been told this when you were younger. Would you have accepted it, and never actually tried it? I doubt it. We are smart enough to taste and see for ourselves, aren’t we?

And yet, we often accept other people’s word on things far more important and life-changing than chocolate. I did when I was younger. I was told God wasn’t real and just accepted it. And that was that until something happened years later that encouraged me to consider it for myself. And when I did, I realised how foolish I had been to accept someone else’s opinion on the reality of God.

In Psalm 34:8, we are told to ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’. We can never gain a true understanding of God unless we ‘taste’ and ‘see’ for ourselves. If you are living under the shadow of other people's words and opinions, whether it's regarding your abilities, character, options, or, most importantly, the reality and goodness of God, can I encourage you today to begin to work it out for yourself. Your life is too important not to.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!