QMC has in recent years added many new buildings to its portfolio but recently it got a new, somewhat surprising, addition.

But was this construction for students, perhaps staff?

No, the new building, which was made by Foundation learning students at QMC, was in fact a bug hotel.

As part of their ASDAN Personal Progress qualification, nine students have now built what is the equivalent of The Ritz in the bug world.

Outside the Spectrum Building at the college, a whole range of creepy crawlies will be welcome at the hotel, which is already the talk of the bug town.

After a meeting with Teresa Didymus, health, safety and welfare committee secretary, about the sustainability of QMC, the students got to work, supervised by Ricardo Ferreira, a tutor at the college.

They researched what materials would be suitable for a bug hotel but also looked at the most sustainable materials that they could use.

The students then searched high and low around the college to find suitable materials for the B&B – but the materials had to be recyclable.

Following the sourcing of the materials, the hotel had to be built from the foundations up.

But a hotel comprising just a structure is not one suitable for anyone, so the students had to start furnishing the bugs’ accommodation.

Pine cones, sticks and cool bricks are just some of bugs’ favourite things, so in they all went.

While the project is not yet finished, the class are now beginning to invite the guests into the hotel – amphibians, beetles and caterpillars are all welcome in the building, which has all the top-quality facilities that a bug could need or want.

And it looks like the creepy crawlies aren’t that creepy after all.