THE SON of a man allegedly murdered outside his Basingstoke home has told a jury of his father’s last moments.

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court, Tyler Hollow told jurors that he saw his father Stephan Hollow fall forward into William Smith in the early hours of Monday, August 19 last year.

Mr Hollow, 53, suffered five stab wounds, one of which went through his aorta. He was taken from outside his home in Blackdown Close, Buckskin to Basingstoke hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Smith, 28, of Pershore Road, Popley, is accused of murdering Stephan Hollow and the wounding with intent of his son Tyler – charges he denies.

Giving evidence on Tuesday, Tyler Hollow, 22, said he was in bed with Smith’s ex-girlfriend Megan Hards when Smith came to the house, some time after 3am.

Mr Hollow said when he and his partner went to speak to Smith, he suddenly became irate and swung an arm, hitting Tyler Hollow in the face with a kitchen knife.

He said as he went back into the house to get a towel to stem the blood flowing from his face, he passed his father, who then tried to force Smith out of the garden.

Tyler Hollow said: “I came back and saw my dad was falling forward. He fell on to him (Smith), down the side of him and on to the floor. Smith did not fall – he sort of spun around, then walked 20 to 40 yards, and then ran off.”

Mr Hollow said he saw Smith holding a kitchen knife as he walked off.

But Michael Wood, defending Smith, suggested that Mr Hollow brought the knife to a scuffle between his father and Smith.

He suggested that Mr Hollow tried to “play the big boy” by being aggressive and wielding a claw hammer when Smith first came to the house.

Mr Wood said: “Your father goes past you and grabs hold of William Smith, and bundles him out of the garden.

“They go to the ground and then you jump on them and all three of you are struggling on the ground, and you had gone out there with a knife.”

“No,” Mr Hollow said.

The jury heard Tyler Hollow had taken “a couple of lines” of cocaine that night – something he did not tell the police at the time.

Mr Wood also questioned him on knives found in his bedroom in Blackdown Close. An imitation gun, belonging to Stephan Hollow, was also found in the house.

Asked why a meat cleaver was found in his wardrobe, Mr Hollow said: “It’s because I’m a collector of knives, and that goes with my collection.”

The jury also heard Stephan Hollow had once received four years imprisonment for possession with intent of a firearm.

The trial continues.