A MUM who grew up in Basingstoke has been honoured for her service in Afghanistan.

Anthea Burdus, a former Harriet Costello School pupil, was presented with the Joint Commanders Com-mendation in the latest round of military honours.

The 47-year-old, who now commands a Squadron in 2 Signals, based in York, joined the army in 1984 and has served in The Royal Corps of Signals.

The mother-of-one moved up through the ranks to become Regimental Sergeant Major in the training establishment in Bassing-bourne, Cambridgeshire, and made national news when she became the first woman to achieve this position.

She took a late entry commission as Captain, and has since been promoted to Major.

Major Burdus served in Afghani-stan in 2013 and received the commendation for her service as Quartermaster in Kabul.