AN ORGANISATION that gives a helping hand to play providers and community groups is hoping for some help itself.

The Basingstoke Scrap-store, which is organised by RCS Limited, is set to be left without a home in May when the company, which provides playschemes, relocates from its town centre location in Chute House, Church Street.

The company’s new premises, in Oakridge Hall for All, in Forsythia Walk, will not have space for the scrap-store, so those involved are appealing to businesses and organisations to offer a small area within their premises to house the not-for-profit organisation.

The scrap-store, which is open two days a week by appointment only, offers play providers and community groups a range of resources to use for projects, and all materials are donated from Basingstoke businesses and residents.

Resources that are donated include paper, card and creative scrap which can be used in art, craft and play activities for children of all ages.

Basingstoke Scrap-store co-ordinator Kirsty Whitlock said: “We are appealing to local businesses and organisations who could offer a small area within their warehouse or venue, central to the Basingstoke area, at a nominal cost.

“We have built up a good relationship with local businesses and receive regular donations, and it would be a great shame to lose this facility.

“Scrap-store members have been very grateful to have this service in the local area and are very positive and supportive of the store.”

If you are able to offer a space for the scrap-store, contact RCS Limited on 07927 185826 or 07834 582957 or email