THE father of a little boy, who has a rare incurable brain tumour, has released an inspirational video dedicated to his son.

Michael Wilson, from Basingstoke, has spent seven months working on Survive to Freerun, after his four-year-old son Jayden was diagnosed with the tumour in September last year.

He hopes the four-minute film will help other people going through negative experiences to focus on the positives.

Michael, 32, believes that his family’s determination to remain positive has helped Jayden to fight the illness.

He said: “I have produced, directed and edited it for him with the hope of also inspiring other families going through similar circumstances.

“My hope is to show people that channelling all your energy into something positive can really help you through difficult times in life.

“Life is too short to be nothing less than happy, and to create incredible memories with those who are most important to you.”

He added: “We are going through one of the worst things you could go through, but we are remaining positive.”

Michael, who is a member of the world-famous 3Run group, wanted to finish the video whilst his son was well enough to watch it, adding: “We don’t know how long we have got. We are making the most of everything we have got right now.”

Michael has posted the video on 3Run’s YouTube channel, and has also shared it with the 16,000 Facebook users who liked the page Hope for Jayden, set up before Jayden was officially diagnosed.

Michael said: “At the time of diagnosis, we were given 12 months, and seven months down the line Jayden is still doing really well. But we don’t know how quickly things could turn.”

He added: “The ultimate thing is to create these memories and be happy and positive for Jayden as much as we can.”

Jayden, a pupil at St Mark’s Primary School, in Hatch Warren, recently had an operation at Southampton General Hospital to remove cystic fluid from around the tumour, which has eased his symptoms.

Video courtesy of 3runTube/YouTube