BCoT Nursery has an outstanding “family” feel, according to its latest Ofsted report.

The nursery was inspected in February, and the watchdog’s verdict was that it has maintained its ‘outstanding’ grade.

Staff are delighted with the report, which praised the “highly-reflective teaching, from a team of fun-loving and enterprising staff, resulting in exceptional educational programmes for children of all ages”.

The nursery, which has been registered and part of the college since 1996, has recently been extended and refurbished to include three main rooms, each catering for different ages of children, a large communal shared room and training facilities.

Ofsted said children are “inspired by this rich learning environment and confident to try new activities as they know staff are on hand to support them”.

The behaviour and positivity of the children was praised, with Ofsted noting that “from an early age, children learn that independence and choice comes with the responsibility of following rules to keep everyone safe”.

The consistent dedication to the success of the nursery has also been noticed by parents, who state they believe that their children “are both emotionally and socially well prepared for their next steps in learning”.

The Ofsted report noted that the nursery instils very high expectations, stating that “Staff are continually raising the bar, by offering more thought-provoking activities that meet the needs and interests of the children in their care”.

The Ofsted inspection described the nursery management as “inspirational and highly effective” with the children acting “as though they are part of one large family group”.

Nursery manager Yvonne Hunt was delighted with the latest grading, saying: “It is wonderful to have our ‘outstanding’ grade reaffirmed by Ofsted. It shows that we are still progressing and striving for the children to reach their full potential.

“We have only achieved ‘outstanding’ because of the wonderful children, very supportive families and most amazing, dedicated and professional nursery team.

“We are now looking forward to expanding our services with a new holiday club for five to eight-year-olds in summer 2014.”