1995- Maria Miller and her husband buy a house in Wimbledon for £234,000. Her parents and brothers move in.

May 2005- Mrs Miller becomes MP for Basingstoke and designates the Wimbledon home as her second home. She begins claiming expenses on the house in Wimbledon and states that her rented home in Basingstoke is her main home.

December 2012- The Daily Telegraph publishes results of investigation into Mrs Miller and the following day an inquiry is begun by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, after the office receives a complaint from Bassetlaw Labour MP, John Mann.

February 2014- After a 14 month investigation, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Hudson produces a report which is critical of Mrs Miller, and recommends that the Basingstoke MP repay £45,800.

Feb 2014- Mr and Mrs Miller sell Wimbledon home for £1.47 million.

April 3, 2014- The 10 MPs and three lay people on the Conservative-dominated Parliamentary Standards Committee tell Maria Miller that she should pay back just £5,800 overclaimed in mortgage interest in 2009, after clearing her of deliberately submitting the expense claims for her own benefit. They order her to apologise April 3, 2014 Maria Miller makes a 32-second apology to the House of Commons for her “legalistic” attitude towards the inquiries of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

April 4, 2014- Prime Minister David Cameron lends his backing to Maria Miller

April 4, 2014- A petition is launched, calling for Mrs Miller to pay back £45,000 in expense claims or resign.

To date it has attracted more than 185,000 signatures

April 7, 2014- Mrs Miller, though she refuses to speak to Gazette reporters, answers questions via email. When asked- “Do you have any intention of resigning from your post as Culture Secretary or as the MP for Basingstoke?” she replied “Not at all”.

April 9, 2014- Maria Miller resigns as Cabinet minister. In a letter to the prime minister, she said the controversy "has become a distraction from the vital work this government is doing".

The PM said he hoped she would be able to return to cabinet "in due course".