MARIA Miller’s position as Culture Secretary was untenable – that is the verdict from the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate challenging the Basingstoke MP in the 2015 General Election.

Janice Spalding, who has been a member of the town’s Liberal Democrat party for the last nine years, is vying to take Maria Miller’s seat in next year’s General Election.

She told The Gazette: “I think it was all to come because while we have been campaigning it has been quite a topic on the doorsteps. I think her position was untenable.

“I think it is an honourable thing to do. I just don’t like what she has done at all. She took advantage of her expenses and I just don’t like it.

“It certainly would be better if she would step down for the next election. Resigning as an MP would be an honourable thing to do, although that would be her decision.”

When quizzed about Mrs Miller’s latest apology, which was published on The Gazette website, she added: “I think that it was a little too late.”

“I think this has been a problem with a lot of MP’s with expenses. They resist being pried into what they are doing. I don’t think she has helped the situation.”

The Parliamentary candidate also believes that the MP should pay back the £44,000 overpayment that the Parliamentary Commissioner estimated, adding: “If you are in business and running a business and someone owes you £44,000 and they only pay £5,800 – that’s a hell of a difference.”