CONTROVERSIAL plans to open a takeaway in Oakley have been rejected by the borough council.

As previously reported in The Gazette, local residents went to Oakley Parish Council to raise concerns about the proposed takeaway after Darren Lambert resubmitted a planning application to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council in January to change the use of 15 Meon Road into a fast-food outlet.

Mr Lambert first submitted a planning application in August 2013 but later withdrew it after concerns were raised about possible anti-social behaviour, littering, noise and odours.

In the new application, he planned to address concerns by installing a high-specification extraction system to prevent noise and nasty smells, reducing opening hours to tackle anti-social behaviour and installing refuse being at the front of the shop.

Mr Lambert also proposed opening hours of 1pm to 9pm, Monday to Saturday for the takeaway. But planning officers from the borough council have refused the plans, saying they could not determine the effectiveness of a proposed odour control system.

In a letter to Mr Lambert, the borough council said: “Based on the information submitted, it has not been possible to determine the effectiveness of the proposed odour control system or to determine whether its operation would generate undue noise and disturbance.

“As such, it has not been satisfactorily demonstrated that the proposed development would not lead to a detrimental impact to the amenities of neighbouring residents and occupiers of adjacent premises through the creation of noise and disturbance, or through the creation of odours from food preparation.”

Mr Lambert told The Gazette that he is consulting with his agent on the next step, adding: “I am disappointed and I am a bit frustrated because we thought we designed a bit of a Rolls Royce.

“If we put in another one (planning application), there would be the possibility that we could get it through. It feels like I am up against a brick wall.”