A BIKING community came together to help a flooded Buckskin resident move to his new home.

Members of the British Biker Relief Foundation (BBRF) helped Thomas Barrie move out of his flood-damaged bungalow, in Quantock Close, into a new home in St Michael’s Road, South Ham on Saturday.

Mr Barrie and his 16-year-old son Jacob were evacuated three weeks ago after sewage water came in.

The 50-year-old has been living with a friend in Malvern Close for the past three weeks, and Jacob has been staying with a friend in Winklebury.

Mr Barrie, who has been a member of BBRF for the last year, kept members updated on the flooding crisis on the charity’s Facebook page, and received messages of support and the offer of help.

He can no longer ride a bike after he was involved in an accident with a lorry 22 years ago which left him with permanent brain damage that can cause blackouts.

The family have now decided to leave the rented home they shared for the past nine years after Sovereign Housing Association offered them a new two-bedroom house in South Ham.

He told The Gazette: “I am taking this home permanently because what is to say in five years time, this flooding won’t happen again. I am looking forward to moving into the new house, and Sovereign have carpeted it nicely.

“Sovereign have told me that I can’t take my cooker or my washing machine and they said they are going to replace them, but it may take another week.”

He added: “On the morning that the flooding happened, my son screamed at the top of his lungs and said ‘dad, you have got to see this’, but by the time I got to his bedroom, I could see carpet tiles floating. They (the BBRF) asked me if I needed any help, and I said I could do with some help moving.”

Pete Smith, chairman of the foundation said: “He was saying on Facebook that the water had finally come through and I was sat there thinking we have got to do something.

“We felt a bit helpless but we got hold of Thomas and said we can get a van or two to help you move. It is really bikers helping bikers.”