A SINGER who was inspired to write music lyrics following the death of his 15-year-old sister has released a single on iTunes to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Ben van Rensburg penned the moving tribute dedicated to the armed forces, using his feelings of loss to empathise with those whose loved ones go to war.

The 29-year-old from Station Road, Whitchurch, lost his sister Alexandra in April 2006 after she died of toxic shock syndrome having caught pneumonia.

He said: “At the time our troops were abroad in the middle east. I feel very strongly that they are incredibly brave. What they do every day for our country and our freedom is incredible. I wanted it to be about the feelings that people have who are left behind - the anxiety and fear and that they might never see them again.”

When You Come Home is now available to buy on iTunes, and all proceeds will be donated to the charity Help for Heroes.

Ben, who works part time as a finance administrator, said: “I have been writing music since 2002 but after my sister died my music took on a darker, personal tone because I could express how I was feeling.”

He was initially signed by a record label, but ended the contract after disagreeing with the way in which they wanted to change the song.

Instead, Ben has released it himself on iTunes and created a music video to accompany the track with the help of friends.

He said: “This is the first single I have officially released to buy on iTunes. It's not quite as polished as a professional video but it's raising money for a good cause.”

Watch the video below.