A SCIENCE-MAD schoolboy was surprised by a visit from a team of AWE scientists after he set up a lunchtime science club.

Staff from the atomic weapons establishment visited North Waltham Primary School after hearing about the club, which has been set up by nine-year-old Charlie Willmott.

Charlie was presented with a special achievement award and he and his classmates were treated to a demonstration of experiments by the scientists during the surprise visit.

AWE radiochemist Darrell Knight said: “It’s always fun going into schools and talking about something you’re really passionate about.

“We love doing these interactive sessions. The fact that Charlie organised the club himself shows his dedication to science. His enthusiasm shone through even in these sessions. I think at one point I offered him a job!”

Head teacher Jeff Maidment said: “AWE has supported our school over a number of years and we have enhanced our science curriculum as a result.

“The graduates and presenters have brought science to life in the classroom in an interactive and fun way. The visit left the pupils very engaged and buzzing with excitement. After the experiments, all they were talking about was non-Newtonian fluids.”

The school is one of more than 80 primary and secondary schools and colleges across Hampshire and Berkshire that are members of AWE’s school liaison scheme.