A PRIMARY school has had to close today because of a gas leak.

Parents of Chalk Ridge Primary School, in Sullivan Road, Brighton Hill, received a letter informing them that a decision had been made to close the school today after the leak was found in the kitchen.

Donna Shave, headteacher, said in the letter: “As per procedure all gas appliances were shut off and a British Gas engineer attended the school. He confirmed that the gas supply should be capped and further investigations should be made by property services.

“We would like to stress that at no point were staff or children at risk.

“Shutting off the gas supply means that there is no hot water or heating in the school.”

The investigation into the leak is due to last throughout the day, with the hope that heating and hot water will be restored by the end of the day.

Miss Shave added: “We will let parents know via the closure procedure, i.e. radio announcements and the website, what is happening as soon as we know.”