NEW homes proposed for Old Basing could be at risk of flooding – that is the fear of one borough councillor.

Sites in Old Basing that have been earmarked for possible development include Lodge Farm, Poors Farm and Hodds Farm. Both Lodge Farm and Poors Farm have flood zones two and three running through the sites.

Lodge Farm and Poors Farm have both been given the highest flood rating out of all the proposed development areas included in the draft Local Plan, in a flood risk assessment.

Hodds Farm has not been included in the draft Local Plan but is being considered for development by Taylor Wimpey. The site has not been subject to a flood risk assessment.

Onnalee Cubitt, Independent councillor for Old Basing, has expressed concern that these potential housing developments could be flooded, especially if the borough experiences a repeat of weather seen in the past few weeks.

She told The Gazette: “They should never have been selected because the Environment Agency said most of the sites east of Basing were not appropriate for development. These sites have a very, very big problem and it is the most ridiculous place to build houses.”

Discussing the Hodds Farm site, Cllr Cubitt added: “There are already bad run-off problems at Hodds Farm and the flood plain has to be protected. The A30 is flooded every year, and at the moment they are considering putting homes there. It has not been evaluated yet but the council is considering the site so it is very real.”

David Edwards, senior strategic planning manager for Taylor Wimpey, said: “The land we are promoting for development incorporates Poors Farm, Lodge Farm and Hodds Farm.

“We have been promoting land at East Basingstoke for development for a number of years. No development will be proposed within the flood plain, and a flood risk assessment will be carried out to ensure any issues are dealt with to the satisfaction of the local planning authority and the Environment Agency.”