AN ACTION plan to help disabled people has been developed by the North East Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum.

Recognising and reporting domestic abuse can be very difficult for people, especially if they have additional barriers to accessing information and support.

Domestic Abuse Forum members, made up of local people from agencies working with those affected by domestic abuse, have explored the barriers which disabled people may have to overcome, and have now developed an action plan to help address these issues.

Forum members acknowledge that those affected by the following could find it particularly challenging:

People with a hearing impairment

People with visual impairment

People with physical or mobility requirements

People with mental health conditions

People with learning disabilities

People who are caring for someone with dementia or other illnesses.

The action plan includes different methods to reach disabled people in a way that will be accessible to them, and outlines specialist safety equipment, which may be required – for example vibrating alarms for someone with a hearing impairment.

Information gathered from the collective expertise of the forum members, as well as external specialist organisations, has been published on the forum’s website,, and key measures are being implemented by the member agencies in their workplaces.