A DIVERSION and sat-nav technology has been blamed for an increase in heavy goods vehicles passing through Whitchurch.

Whitchurch Town Council discussed the problem at its February meeting and agreed to take note of some of the lorries and write to the companies that own them.

Some councillors believed the lorries were coming through the town because of a diversion in Overton, which begins at the traffic lights in the centre of the village and runs to Kingsclere.

But Councillor Claire Isbester said: “There’s a ridiculous number going through but there’s no guarantee that it’s just because of this diversion. But even if it is, they are far too big to be going through the town centre. You can get three of them all jammed in the square.”

She suggested writing to the companies which own the lorries, adding: “It might not work but it certainly won’t work if we don’t try it.”

Cllr Mike Keane said the HGVs were being directed through Whitchurch by their sat-navs.

He added: “The sat-nav technology diverts lorries and cars the shortest way and will continue to do so. Technology is fighting against us. Unless there’s an obvious danger or a bridge that has a weight restriction, there’s virtually nothing we can do.”