AFTER 30 years of serving the community, the long-standing booking secretary of Heath End Village Hall has stood down.

Kathy Vyse celebrated her retirement at the village hall AGM on February 12.

It was a double celebration for the grandmother-of-five as the meeting was also an opportunity for her to mark her 80th birthday.

Mrs Vyse, who lives in Heath End, said: “I never thought when I took on the role that I would spend 30 years on the committee of the village hall.

“I have very much enjoyed it but I felt, with turning 80, that it was time for me to hand over to a younger person.”

Mrs Vyse, who worked as a typist in the forensic science services at AWE Aldermaston between the ages of 16 and 60, said she is looking forward to spending more time relaxing and with her family.

She added: “I will miss it, but not the phone calls when I’m trying to watch EastEnders!”

Mrs Vyse also spent around a decade volunteering for Tadley & District CAB.

She said: “People nowadays don’t seem to stick at things for very long, they get bored easily. But it’s different for people of my generation.”

She was honoured for her years of service with a gift of a vase engraved with the outline of the hall and a message of thanks.

Mrs Vyse said: “It was a lovely send-off and a very thoughtful gift.”

Sarah Filsell has taken over as booking secretary at the village hall.