A WOMAN was knocked to the ground and racially abused in Kings Furlong.

The abuse took place as the 45-year-old victim walked home along a footpath by Wessex Close, near to the Salvation Army building, just after 10pm on Saturday, January 25.

She gave way to a group of people passing in the opposite direction and was barged to the floor by a man in his mid 20s.

Police said the man intimidated and insulted her and when he heard her accent he became racially abusive.

The victim, who spoke with a German accent, was not hurt in the incident.

A woman was with the suspect at the time, and police believe she may be local to the area as an elderly man who arrived from the Culver Road end of the footpath seemed to know her.

The suspect is described as white, slim to medium build, clean shaven and had short, light brown hair with a peak at the front.

He wore an olive-green jacket which police said had a smooth material like peach skin.

The woman with the suspect was also white, had shoulder-length black hair with a fringe, and wore knee-high boots and a glossy black coat.

Anyone with information can contact PC Dawn Jenks at Basingstoke police station on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.