A BASINGSTOKE singer is dye-ing to take to the stage after landing a lead role in a touring show.

Jody Steele will play Carmen in Fame, which opens at Wimbledon theatre on February 20, before touring around the country until the end of the year.

But the 22-year-old has had to dye her long natural blonde locks dark brown for the part, because Carmen is meant to be of Latino origin.

Jody, of Heritage Park, Hatch Warren, has played various roles in theatre shows after graduating from Guildford School of Acting, in August last year.

She was performing in The Tina Turner Experience in Holland when she met director Gary Lloyd, who was holding auditions for Fame.

Jody said: “I was the only white British girl. It’s a Latino part and I thought ‘I have no chance’ because I’m not ethnically right.”

She was initially turned down for the role because of this reason, but the director couldn’t find anyone who matched up to Jody to play the part.

Jody said: “They called me up and said they wanted to give me the part but I would have to dye my hair and keep a constant tan. I was like ‘yes, let’s do it’.”

Jody, who is now rehearsing for the show in Clapham before the opening night, said: “The rehearsals are really tough. The dancing is really challenging – it’s a big challenge but I will do it whatever.”

Jody’s family have already booked tickets to watch her in various shows up and down the country.

She said: “It’s called Fame 25 for the 25th anniversary. The music has been changed and it’s really street. It’s not cheesy pop – there are acoustic guitars, it’s all been changed and it’s being set in 2014. There are no leg warmers!”