MORE Buckskin residents are being evacuated this evening and taken to an emergency rest centre in Hatch Warren.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council workers and staff from Sovereign Housing Association have been knocking on residents' doors in Prescelly Close and some parts of Bodmin Close and advising them to evacuate, after today’s heavy rain has resulted in further flooding.

Although the floodwater has not yet reached the houses, residents are being advised to evacuate because of the dangers of the floodwater surrounding their homes.

Borough council staff are setting up an emergency rest centre at Hatch Warren Community Centre for evacuated residents to stay tonight.

Luke Bingham, regional director for Sovereign, said: “We are going to all of the affected areas and finding out if residents wish to leave. The advice from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is that they should leave for safety reasons, not because their properties are flooded but because of the amount of water in the street, which is making it difficult to get around. They can choose to stay or go.”

Those evacuated will be transported to Hatch Warren Community Centre.

Speaking to The Gazette at around 7pm this evening, Mr Bingham added: “It’s being kitted out now. We have got buses coming to transport the residents. Anyone with mobility issues will have help from the services.”

David and Margaret Stewart, of Prescelly Close, were evacuated earlier this evening.

Mr Stewart, 74, who is in a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis, was carried out of his home by firefighters and taken to the Ridgeway Centre to wait to be transported to Hatch Warren.

Mrs Stewart, 76, said: “The water has been there for days but not very high but today it’s got higher and has come in the back garden. All the car parks are completely flooded. It’s not come in our house yet but it’s only a few inches away.”

The mother-of-five and grandmother-of-eight added: “I keep thinking I haven’t done enough in the house. I couldn’t move the washing machine or fridge. But there’s not much point worrying, it won’t get you anywhere. I’ve been packing things up but it’s so difficult to know what to take.”

The Ridgeway Centre is now completely surrounded by water and sandbags have been put down to create a walkway for people to reach it.