GAZETTE readers have shown their romantic side this Valentine’s Day by sharing their love messages for all to see.

Below are the declarations of love sent in by our readers.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my amazing fiancé Steve Darby, love you lots and can’t wait to marry you! Jess xxxx

To my Cliveypear I love u loads and always xx

To my beautiful amazing wife Debbie, thank you for another year of love and support, I couldn’t do it without you. Lots of love forever, Darren XXXXX

Happy Valentine’s Day Brandon, lots of love Nicky XXXXX

To my wonderful husband Darren, I love you more today than yesterday and even more tomorrow. Love always Debra xxxx

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Oh my Gosh, Luke Mew, I Love You!

To my Syrian Princess lots of love – KRW

Darran, Everyday I'm blessed 2 b with u. Love Princess Fiona

David Burnett thank you so just for my best 3 year's of my life hope we can stay strong. I love you forever and always – don’t ever forget that will you. Love you millions from Taarna xXx

To mongoose – I love you more now than I did then, our love has become so strong it takes my breath away. Love Chumlee

To Phil, words can't explain how much you mean to me, you are my best friend and soulmate. Thank you for everything that you do for me and the girls. Love you forever and can't wait to marry you. xX Hayley Xx

You are my best friend my love my soulmate. Have had the best 21 months with you and look forward to all we have planned. Cant wait for the weekend J Love you now and forever, Sharon.xxxxxxxx

To Dave Hole, Just wanted to express how much I love you the last 4 years have been amazing and you have given me an amazing little boy, you also make an incredible daddy, love you millions babe. Becky

To My Paul, 26 Years you have been my rock, given two most beautiful children and always put me first. I love you more than words can ever say and look forward to many more years together. Every day is Valentine’s Day with you. My soul mate, my love, my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day. Maxine Xxxxxxxx

I met a girl from Poland three years ago. She is the love of my life. The reason I smile every day. My Rock. I will always Love you Happy Valentine’s Day Iwona Maciag. Love Jay

Dear Aimee, there's everyone else in the world, and then there's you. Happy Valentine's! With love, Sam xxx