A SECOND World War pillbox is set to be restored as part of a project to commemorate the anniversary of the start of World War I.

The concrete building in Newbury Road, Whitchurch, is one of 6,000 in the UK which were built as guard posts, equipped with loopholes through which weapons could be fired.

Graham Burgess, a Whit-church resident, gave a presentation to Whitchurch Town Council about his plans to create public access to the pillbox, which is currently obscured from view by bushes.

He plans to hold a formal opening of the pillbox at a weekend event to commemorate the war from July 25 to July 27.

A march, led by the Sealed Knot re-enactment group, will go through the town to the pillbox, and plans are also being drawn up to hold an exhibition at the Gill Nethercott Centre.

Mr Burgess said he has been in touch with a group which specialises in restoring pillboxes, which had offered advice, and said representatives from the army will carry out initial work.

He added: “If there are 6,000 left in the UK, we want this to be one of the best.”