WADE Road is now passable after it was closed because of flooding last Friday.

Motorists were left frustrated and one car had to be pushed out of flood water on February 7 when the road was affected by the bad weather.

The flooding, outside the Household Recycling Centre, built up after heavy rain hit Basingstoke over night last Thursday.

Motorists were diverted by police officers through Stroudley Road.

One unlucky driver had to be pushed slowly out of the water by a white transit van that was driving behind him after his car got caught in floods.

Chris Prozzo, an apprentice engineer at Blatchford’s, in Wade Road, was driving to work at 8:30am when his Ford Fiesta got caught in the water.

The 19-year-old, from Newbury, told The Gazette: “I was stuck in the water for about half an hour. I went to drive through it because I don’t know any other way to get to work. There was traffic coming both ways and the person on the other side braked and I tried to accelerate but I stalled.”

He only bought his car a month ago, for £600, and said: “They could have at least put up diversions signs. I am going to have to buy a new car.”

His mother, Jeannette, said: “It is just an inconvenience and to get him up here for work is 40 minutes here and 40 minutes back until he gets another car.”

Dean Lloyd, of Petty’s Brook Road, Chineham went to dispose of waste at the Household Recycling Centre.

But the father-of-two had to take his rubbish back home because of the floods, and said: “It floods every time and no-one can get in – they never do anything about it or install new drains and they have no-one on standby to pump water away.

“It is really frustrating – I have taken the day off today from work to dispose of my waste but I can’t. My whole house is being renovated and I take the odd day off to carry on working.”

Councillor Seán Woodward, executive member for economy, transport and environment at Hampshire County Council, said: “Wade Road was temporarily closed on the morning of Friday, 7 January due to rising surface water levels, and was cleared and reopened to motorists later that day.

“We are fully aware that flooding on Wade Road is a particular issue, and we continue to look into how we can rectify this going forward.

“Proposals are in place to implement drainage improvement works in the area as part of our Operation Resilience programme, but unfortunately the persistent rainfall we have been experiencing since November last year has been a delaying factor and we have been unable to carry out the vital trial drainage holes which will tell us whether these works are viable.”