A BASINGSTOKE rapper has written a song to encourage people to seek help if they feel depressed.

The songwriter, known as Kj, was affected by a number of recent suicides in the town and his own friends taking their lives, and so decided to pen his lyrics.

The 20-year-old, who grew up in Popley, said: “The song was made to support suicide prevention services such as Samaritans, and to make sure youths have more chance of hearing this message before it’s too late.”

More than 1,200 people have so far watched the video – which does feature some strong language – on YouTube, and Kj hopes his words will be shared even further.

Kj, who has written songs since he was 15, said: “It’s kind of like a diary for me. Songwriting helps me relieve stress and get things off my chest which I am not comfortable talking about normally.”

Kj said: “Whenever you hear of a suicide case, you always feel sorrow for the close family and friends of the victim.”

The former Everest Community Academy pupil moved to Ireland having grown up in Abbey Road.

He can empathise with those suffering from depression, and said: “I’ve been in the position of contemplating suicide, and it is a dark place to be. If you’re surrounded by negativity it’s hard to remain positive, but there is always a silver lining in any situation.”

Kj said his childhood was not an easy one, and recalls times without hot water or electricity, adding: “I got involved with drugs from a young age and got in with the wrong people. I ended up in debt, depressed, paranoid and suffered from huge anxiety issues.”

But he is now in a better place, and said: “I have had a chance to sort my head out and try doing something positive with my life. I got a second chance and for that I am eternally grateful.”