A BASINGSTOKE woman has said she is living in fear of trees crashing down on to her home.

Christine Basley, who lives in Shipton Way, on the Berg Estate, has appealed to the borough council to take action following the recent storms which battered Basingstoke.

Her home, and several others, are overshadowed by three tall evergreen trees growing in the Princess Diana Rose Garden, which she fears are putting them in danger.

She said: “Trees in the garden have already come down in the last couple of weeks, but fortunately they did not cause any damage.

“But if any of the trees overlooking the bungalows were to come down, it would be extremely dangerous and could do a huge amount of damage to our homes.

“The council has told me that the trees are healthy but that doesn’t make any difference at all. With the weather we have been having, perfectly healthy trees are being ripped out of the ground.

“I think it’s only a matter of time before one of them falls, and it’s very frustrating that nobody is doing anything about it. The safety of people needs to be put before the conservation of trees.”

The borough council did not respond to a request for comment.