CONCERNS have been raised about a pub which has been left empty for months.

Overton Parish Council discussed the White Hart Hotel, in London Road, at its January meeting, and agreed to write to the company which owns it about their concerns.

Councillor Brian Langer said: “It concerns me that it’s getting more and more dilapidated, which I think everyone would agree.”

He added that various planning applications had been submitted to the borough council, giving hope that the property would be brought back into use, but nothing had come of them.

He added: “One of the windows has been smashed. Once you have a broken window, people tend to think let’s break a few more.”

Overton borough councillor Ian Tilbury added: “There’s nothing we can do, unless it’s structurally unsound or dangerous.”

He suggested that Wellington Pub Company, which owns the building, is not interested in investing money in the pub because it is not generating an income from it.

Councillors agreed to write to Wellington Pub Company, asking for a representative to talk to the parish council about the situation.