CHILDREN were encouraged to reach for the stars as part of a whole-school art project.

Pupils at Park View Junior School spent the last half-term working on different pieces of artwork based around the theme of ‘Reach for the Stars.’ Each year group interpreted the theme in a different way. Year 3 children talked about their achievements in life and what they would do if they were on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

They created Oscar awards and prepared their acceptance speech.

Children in Year 4 looked at various artists’ work, while Year 5 made Christmas decorations which lit up, bringing science into their learning.

Year 6 pupils created their art around adults who they look up to and admire, making models of their idols, including sporting legend Usain Bolt.

Judy Ashley, deputy headteacher at the school, in Pinkerton Road, South View, Basingstoke, said the project covered various curriculum subjects.

She added: “The quality of the work was really good. They did a lot of work on the computer as well, recording their acceptance speeches for the Oscars.”

Parents, pupils in the infant school, and governors were invited to an exhibition displaying all the children’s work.

Mrs Ashley said: “Parents and visitors signed several comment books, and we had some fantastic feedback.”