AROUND 100 children took a stroll through the grounds of Sherfield School along with parents, teachers and a couple of guide dogs, to raise money for charity.

The school is currently supporting the charity Guide Dogs, and encouraged the younger pupils, aged up to five, to obtain sponsorship for taking part in the walk.

Karen Chard, head of primary at Sherfield School, said they were delighted to be supporting the charity.

She said: “It really is a great charity. The children can see the impact that the dogs have on people’s lives and they all love it when we have a guide dog actually come into the school.”

Trainee guide dog, German shepherd Enzo, who has visited the school before, was at the event with volunteer puppy walker Ellen Young, as was working guide dog Guss with his owner Brian Martin.

Katie Smith, community fundraiser for Guide Dogs, also attended to pass on thanks to the school for their continued support.

She said: “We are really happy that the school is supporting us and seeing all the children get involved is just so lovely.”

The fundraising event consisted of three walks around the grounds of the school, with the youngest children being taken around the shortest route.

Children, staff and parents at Sherfield School, in Sherfield-on-Loddon, have so far raised £300 through their fundraising efforts, which recently included a stall at the Sherfield fete.

The money raised to date is enough to sponsor three puppies throughout a year with regular updates on their progress.

Mrs Chard said: “We will continue to support the charity throughout the year.”