TWO women who tortured and degraded a man in a Basingstoke house have had their prison sentences reduced.

Tamlyn Stanhope, 34, and Keeley Brewer, 19, were jailed for eight and seven years respectively last year, after admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Simon Christian.

The 29-year-old, of Tennyson Way, South Ham, Basingstoke, had boiling water repeatedly poured over him, leaving him with badly burned, peeling skin.

He was also stamped on and kicked and had his trousers pulled down before being tortured with a bottle.

The ordeal was inflicted on him in Stanhope’s house, in Mauritius Close, Popley, on July 11 last year.

But a judge at the Court of Appeal in London has reduced the sentences of Stanhope and Brewer by 18 months after the women appealed, claiming the punishments they received at Winchester Crown Court were excessive.

At the appeal court, Mr Justice Keith said Stanhope and Brewer were not responsible for scalding Mr Christian, adding: “It was not their idea.”

He said that a 15-year-old girl, who received a five-year sentence last year and cannot be named for legal reasons, played a key role in the torture.

But the judge added: “They intended to cause him much more harm than was necessary to make him leave. They took advantage of a man whose drunkenness made him vulnerable.”

Reacting to the Court of Appeal decison, Mr Christian, who suffered burns and a broken wrist in the attack, said: “I think it’s a joke that their sentences have been reduced, but it does not surprise me.”

When Stanhope and Brewer were originally sentenced last November, Rob Welling, prosecuting, told the court Mr Christian was “drunk and obnoxious” when he turned up at Stanhope’s house.

He had allegedly provoked them by urinating at the front door. Mr Christian was then set upon after Brewer claimed he had pinned her down.

The court heard Brewer, of Oceana Crescent, Basingstoke, recorded the violence on her mobile phone and later sent texts bragging about the abuse, claiming it was “too funny”.

In an interview after the case ended in Winchester, Mr Christian told The Gazette he was not bitter towards Stanhope, who had been a friend of four years.

He said: “Although what she did was horrible, I don’t wish her dead.”