A LEADING Labour borough councillor endured an unwelcome spot of election day drama after she was bitten by a dog.

Group leader Councillor Laura James spent four hours at Basingstoke hospital after a dog bit her left hand as she pushed an election leaflet through a post box in Novello Close, Brighton Hill.

The incident occurred at 11.30am on election day as the Labour group were drumming up support for their county council election candidate David Eyre, who was standing in the Basingstoke South East division. The dog, believed to be a Jack Russell, sank its teeth into her middle, ring, and index fingers.

Cllr James, who needed a tetanus jab, and was given antibiotics by doctors, said: “I was quite scared. It felt like a Rottweiler – I thought it was Jaws.

“It has never happened to me in my political career, although it has happened to my mother once before [former Popley East borough councillor Mary Brian].”

In the 2012 borough council elections, former Buckskin ward member Stephen Reid was bitten by a dog delivering leaflets.

When told of Cllr James’ ordeal, the Conservative, who retained his Basing-stoke county seat, said: “Been there, done that, got the bandage. She has my sympathy.”