AN underpass leading from Brookvale to Basingstoke town centre has been closed because of flooding.

The subway is used by many residents in Brookvale, and students at Basingstoke College of Technology, to get to and from the town centre, but instead they have been forced to cross a busy road. The underpass, which is knee-deep with water, runs between Mortimer Lane and Church Square, underneath Timberlake Road, which leads to Victory Roundabout.

Hampshire County Council installed a ‘Flood’ sign and shut the underpass, but has not put any signs up redirecting pedestrians, whose alternative route is to go up steps to cross a busy road, making it difficult for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs.

Diana Leahy, press officer for Hampshire County Council, said the flood signs and barriers preventing people using the underpass kept being removed overnight, but were returned each day by highways workers. She said other alternative routes include Essex Road, via Victory Roundabout subway or via Top of The Town, crossing at the traffic lights in New Street.

Hampshire County Council said it would carry out work last week to identify the problem in the underpass, clear the water and repair any faults. It will remain closed while work is carried out.