Show of support and opposition for Maria

Basingstoke Gazette: Maria Miller reading an apology statement in the House of Commons on April 3. She resigned as Culture Secretary on April 9.

8:51am Thursday 17th April 2014

Sir.–Last Friday, on a lovely, sunny spring day, I was walking through the historic part of Basingstoke, down the hill to the carefully maintained Festival Place, when I came across many people that I knew. The topic of conversation on everyone’s lips was Maria Miller’s resignation as Culture Secretary.

Please pick up your dog's mess

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Tuesday 8th April 2014

Sir.–Would the person who walks their small dog along Buckingham Court pathway please pick up its mess. Twice now you have failed to do this.

Looking for the Scouller family

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Monday 7th April 2014

Sir.–My aunt Sylvia Holbrook passed away recently, and amongst her possessions is a photograph album from the period when she was a nanny to Valerie Scouller at Down Grange, long before it became a Brewers Fayre. I would like to trace any of the family in order to pass on the photographic record of Valerie’s early childhood.

Anvil's professional customer care

Basingstoke Gazette: The Anvil

8:00am Sunday 6th April 2014

Sir.–Having travelled with two friends from the south coast where I now live, to The Anvil for the Ken Dodd 'Happiness Show' on March 16, we were very disappointed when we could hear little of what was being said. We waited until the interval, a lot longer than many, before leaving.

Frequent elections are the best way

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Saturday 5th April 2014

Sir.–With regard to the letter in The Gazette on March 27 by Councillor Stephen West “Election proposal does make sense”, the Tories and their Lib Dem collaborators in Westminster have established for themselves a five-year fixed period of rule.

Hospital traffic woes

Basingstoke Gazette: Queues at Basingstoke hospital.

8:52am Thursday 3rd April 2014

Sir.–Are there plans for Basingstoke hospital to improve traffic flow and parking?

Exemplary care still exists

Basingstoke Gazette: Basingstoke hospital

8:56am Thursday 3rd April 2014

Sir.–As a retired nurse who worked for over 40 years in our National Health Service, I am often saddened to read of massive failings within this wonderful institution. In order to redress the balance, I would like to praise and congratulate the excellent care and dedication I have experienced.

Style stunners

Basingstoke Gazette: County council asks for feedback for 'Ageing Well in Hampshire' strategy

8:00am Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Sir.–I would like to congratulate staff, students and models on the BCoT Hair and Beauty competitions held at The Anvil recently.

Election proposal does make sense

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Tuesday 1st April 2014

Sir.–With reference to your article on the Peer Review (The Gazette, March 20) of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, I must support the proposal for allout four yearly elections.

Good Samaritans

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Monday 31st March 2014

Sir.–I would like to say a big thank-you to the couple who came to my aid on March 13 when I collapsed in the Hackwood Road subway. They stayed with me, called an ambulance, and waited until the ambulance arrived.

We are here to help patients

Basingstoke Gazette: County council asks for feedback for 'Ageing Well in Hampshire' strategy

8:00am Sunday 30th March 2014

Sir.–Further to the recent report re ‘Trust fined for failing to control bug in hospital’, Monitor has not fined Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Pool of talent to call on

Basingstoke Gazette: County council asks for feedback for 'Ageing Well in Hampshire' strategy

8:00am Saturday 29th March 2014

Sir.–I would like to comment on the article in The Gazette recently, “Swimmers take the plunge”.

Rural policing starts when?

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Friday 28th March 2014

Sir.–So Overton has lost its beat officer! At least they know about the move.

What a great show

Basingstoke Gazette: Basingstoke Gang Show

9:10am Thursday 27th March 2014

Sir.–Basingstoke Gang Show 2014 sold over 3,200 tickets, which makes our show the biggest and best selling amateur production in our town and most likely the biggest in Hampshire. Only the professional pantomime sells more tickets in The Anvil or The Haymarket!

Where will new homes be built?

Basingstoke Gazette: Cllr Mark Ruffell

8:00am Tuesday 25th March 2014

Sir.–So Councillor Mark Ruffell wanted 807 new homes to be built every year in Basingstoke up to 2029! Where is he going to build them?

Ignorance over tree felling

Basingstoke Gazette: The horse chestnut tree in Roman Way

8:00am Monday 24th March 2014

Sir.–I was appalled to read the ignorance regarding the felling of the horse chestnut in Roman Way. Letter writer J Stafford trivialised about the danger of “being killed or seriously hurt by a falling conker”, and wanted to know why a “perfectly healthy tree was destroyed?”

Development will increase flood risk

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Sunday 23rd March 2014

Sir.–I was very interested to read in The Gazette recently about Councillor Onalee Cubitt’s fears over the potential for flooding from the building of new houses on sites around Old Basing.

MPs – stop blame games and plan for future bad weather

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Saturday 22nd March 2014

Sir.–The effects of extreme weather conditions and their management expose the shortcomings of British politics.

Show your support for people with epilepsy

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

9:19am Friday 21st March 2014

Sir.–I am writing to ask your readers to support people with epilepsy and celebrate the international day of epilepsy awareness.

Time for bus service debate

Basingstoke Gazette: Dr Paul Harvey

8:46am Thursday 20th March 2014

Sir.–Hampshire County Council has announced that it wants to cut £1.5million from support for local bus services – that’s a 32 per cent cut in the budget. This comes straight after a major shake-up of Stagecoach bus routes and timetables across the town which has caused anger and concern for many residents.

Lack of parking is a sad state of affairs

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Tuesday 18th March 2014

Sir.–With reference to the plight of Enid Tait, as highlighted in Chris Gregory’s article in The Gazette on February 27 “Enid, 74, vows to fight parking fine”.

Our volunteers deserve praise

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Monday 17th March 2014

Our volunteers deserve praise Sir.–Having read that a councillor from Hartley Wintney Parish Council finds that honouring volunteers is “rather boring” (Gazette, March 6), I am amazed.

Fort Hill reunion for class of '84

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Sunday 16th March 2014

Sir.–I was in the Fort Hill School class of 1984, and 2014 is our 30-year reunion to which I would like to invite all of our former teachers.

Riverside beauty must be protected

8:00am Saturday 15th March 2014

Sir.–Once again, we have an out-of-town developer trying to capitalise on the beauty of our beloved village of Old Basing which is the jewel in the crown of north Hampshire.

Learn from past errors

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

9:13am Friday 14th March 2014

Sir.–While I recognise the planning difficulties identified by Councillor Martin Biermann in his letter to The Gazette (February 13), I take issue with his so-called solution.

Buses are inadequate

Basingstoke Gazette: Gerald Meritt

10:14am Thursday 13th March 2014

Sir.–Over the past few weeks, as secretary of the Basingstoke and Deane “Young at Heart” Over 55s Forum, I have read with great interest in your editions of The Gazette, the complaints from people all over the borough about the bus changes and timetables.

Build on Winter Olympic success with a snow dome

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Monday 10th March 2014

 Sir.–The development plans for the leisure park area in Basingstoke have gone very quiet, and we need to start making some noise about facilities we want to have in our town.

Will the buses get right up-to-date?

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Sunday 9th March 2014

Sir.–How ‘state-of-the-art’ are the new Stagecoach buses for the centre shuttle going to be? Will they just comply with compulsory clean air regulations or are they going to be better for passengers?

Fundraising success of pulling together

Basingstoke Gazette: Family hopes for lessons to be learnt from Basingstoke hospital fall death

8:00am Saturday 8th March 2014

Sir.–Many Gazette readers will know that the new Radiotherapy Unit is now installed at Basingstoke hospital and is currently undergoing testing.

Roasting over chestnut

Basingstoke Gazette: The horse chestnut tree in Roman Way

9:13am Friday 7th March 2014

Sir.–My local horse chestnut tree, in Roman Way, Basingstoke, has been razed to the ground, and I am outraged.

Not fair to the traders

Basingstoke Gazette: Market stallholders are petitioning against losing their stands on the final Saturday of each month.

9:07am Thursday 6th March 2014

Sir.–Councillor Ranil Jayawardena tells us that we “cannot stand still and leave things just as they are when they are not working”.

If you don’t use service enough, expect to lose it

8:00am Friday 28th February 2014

Sir.–I would like to request that people stop complaining about the recent changes to bus services bought in by Stagecoach. The reason is quite simple – if you do not use a service enough, it will be cut.

Recycling is up to us

8:58am Thursday 27th February 2014

Sir.–I am pleased that The Gazette has taken up the campaign to improve Basingstoke and Deane recycling rates.

South West Trains are hailed for taxi travel

8:00am Saturday 22nd February 2014

Sir.–Very well done to South West Trains for getting 50-plus passengers home to faraway destinations after the storm felled trees across railway lines last Friday night.

Medical heroes there for every step of the way

8:54am Friday 21st February 2014

Sir.–On Thursday, January 23, I found a bewildered old man leaning over a bicycle at the edge of the road.

'Stop the bus changes'

Basingstoke Gazette: Cllrs Colin Regan and Sean Keating, with bus users Chris Basley and Adrienne Dunford

8:53am Thursday 20th February 2014

Sir.–We would like to thank all of the South Ham/Berg Estate residents who signed the petition to stop cuts to their bus services.

Respite centre is a godsend for carers

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Saturday 15th February 2014

Sir.–In Tadley, we have this wonderful independent, self-funding, day care facility for alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers, The Loddon Valley Day Care (Respite) Centre.

Localism is still a myth

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:48am Friday 14th February 2014

Sir.–I do so wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in your editorial in The Gazette on January 30.

Bin there, dump that!

Basingstoke Gazette: Bin there, dump that!

12:00pm Thursday 13th February 2014

Sir.–I cannot understand why Emily Roberts and many other people find the task of recycling so difficult.

Anger on the buses

Basingstoke Gazette: Cllrs Colin Regan and Sean Keating, with bus users Chris Basley and Adrienne Dunford

9:02am Thursday 6th February 2014

Sir.–Your story about bus services (“Save Our Bus”, Thursday, January 23) focused on South Ham, but the full set of changes planned for February 16 has now emerged, and the impact on the south and south-east side of town is even more serious.

Can you give John answers?

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Saturday 1st February 2014

Sir.–I was born in Basingstoke in 1942 and was trying to date my earliest memory. Although the memory is of a well-known event, I have been unable to find a date for it.

Stroke victim support

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:59am Friday 31st January 2014

Sir.–The Basingstoke Area Stroke Support Group meets on Wednesdays, from 2pm-4pm, at the Carnival Hall, Council Road, Basingstoke.

Bus changes uproar

Basingstoke Gazette: Cllrs Colin Regan and Sean Keating, with bus users Chris Basley and Adrienne Dunford

9:17am Thursday 30th January 2014

Sir.–We write to thank the editor for publishing the article (23/01/14) on our campaign to fight the cuts to South Ham/Berg Estate bus services.

Can you help find Steven Dickens?

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

8:00am Monday 27th January 2014

Sir.–I am trying to locate Steven Dickens (could be Stephen) who grew up in Basingstoke with his parents.

Time to remember holocaust millions

Basingstoke Gazette: Six Hundred Candles for Holocaust Memorial Day

8:00am Sunday 26th January 2014

Sir.–Holocaust Memorial Day, on January 27, is an opportunity for us all to remember the millions murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi persecution, and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Praise for Parklands after poor verdict

Basingstoke Gazette: Parklands Hospital needs to improve across the board.

8:00am Saturday 25th January 2014

Sir.–I was greatly saddened to read the article on the Care Quality Commission's report on Parklands hospital.

Malls project claims were ‘distorted’

Basingstoke Gazette: The Malls after refurbishment

8:48am Friday 24th January 2014

Sir.–As an opposition councillor, it is legitimate that Councillor Paul Harvey raises the over-spend on The Malls refurbishment project on last week’s letters page.

'He's talking rubbish!'

Basingstoke Gazette: Robert Donnell

9:01am Thursday 23rd January 2014

Sir.–Councillor Robert Donnell once again gives the same old lame excuse that the reason he has failed to improve recycling rates in Basingstoke is because “the people of Basingstoke want to keep weekly collections”. He is talking rubbish. (Gazette, January 16).

Searching for a support group for fibromyalgia within Basingstoke

Basingstoke Gazette: Baz 3D copy.jpg

10:01am Tuesday 21st January 2014

Sir.–I have been searching for a support group within Basingstoke for fibromyalgia and auto immune illnesses such as Sjögren's syndrome and Lupus etc, as I have recently been diagnosed, I've found that there isn't one, nor is there one nearby.

Wrong view on Euro scoreboard

Basingstoke Gazette: Special report: What has the EU done for Sussex?

9:00am Monday 20th January 2014

Sir.–Adrian Pepper’s letter, “Brussels at Bay” expressed misconceived panic about Europe's Social Scoreboard.

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