IF you’re not adverse to an exciting evening watching an Agatha Christie play, then the latest production at The Watermill is a must.

The latest production at the small theatre at Bagnor, just outside Newbury, is The Secret Adversary and it really is a cracker, offering suspense, thrills, comedy and music.

This light hearted, fast-paced detective play is set in London and captures the tumultuous times after the First World War, with the threat of general strikes and revolution.

Basingstoke Gazette:

You certainly get the feel of the 1920s with this play, which chas been adapted by Sarah Punshon and Johann Hari and centres around two young characters, Tuppence and Tommy.

The dynamic crime fighting-duo soon find themselves plunging into a dangerous world of political intrigue, conspiracy and murder.

They are played by two wonderful actors, Emerald O’Hanrahan and Garmon Rhys, who are supported by a very talented cast of five. Not only does everyone act well, but they also sing and play instruments – they are all fantastic.

Music plays a big part in the production, with modern songs jazzed up into a cabaret -style performance.

I am full of admiration of the stage designers at The Watermill, who, working in a very small space, do a stunning job with very creative stage scenery and props.

I thought the taxi rides and a look through a keyhole were particularly imaginative.

It’s a very witty interpretation of the material and there is definitely a certain amount of magic in this production. There's never a dull moment as there is always something going on! 

Tickets: £14.50 to £26.50

Box office: 01635 46044, watermill.org.uk