CHAMPIONS of Magic, the award-winning team of tricksters, swindlers and cheats, are back.

See them in The Anvil on September 20.

Champions of Magic promises a spectacular night of entertainment and a showcase of five world-class magicians. 

With a combination of elegant classics and cutting edge alternative magic, audiences will witness a mastery of card manipulation, death-defying stunts, mind-boggling sleight of hand and spectacular illusions.

The line-up includes Young and Strange, two of the UK’s top illusionists, in one act.

Richard Young and Sam Strange are fast becoming household names with their modern, high energy and spectacular tricks. From apparent teleportation across the theatre to walking through the spinning steel blades of an eight foot industrial fan, theirs is a performance like no other.

Also performing are Fay Presto, Alex McAleer and Edward Hilsum.

Fay is Britain's premier close-up magician. Voted Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2012, she has been entertained HM The Queen on no less than six occasions, as well as performing for every other senior member of the Royal family.

Alex McAleer is a mind reader who can reveal words, names, places and drawings people are merely thinking of and facts about themselves he couldn’t possibly know. A truly mind-boggling performance.

Edward Hilsum is one of the world’s top young magicians. He was the magician of choice at the London 2012 Olympics and has won awards internationally and performed across the USA from New York to Las Vegas.

With a combination of classical magic featuring doves and candles through to advanced sleight of hand, Edward’s magic is stylish and unbelievable.

Tickets: £21

Box office: 01256 844244,