THE Punk'n'Disorderly crew opted for a midweek slot this time to fit in with a touring band, so it would be interesting to see how it compared.

A very nice crowd had gathered for the first band up, Geezapunx. They had fun with the set, with much enthusiasm and occasional flashes of inspiration.

Particularly poignant was Cyber Love which was dedicated to old Basingstoke punk and mate, Joe Menyhart, who had died suddenly the previous weekend.

Next up and last minute replacements were Shooting Fish from Portsmouth.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They turned out to be a fantastic find, not only for being up for a show at 24 hours notice, but for being such a damn fine live punk band. Female fronted with a very old school feel they performed with passion and good humour. I will have to get myself down to see them on home turf as soon as possible.

Main support was provided by Legends in Japan from London, who are in the middle of a little tour.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They have played Basingstoke a few times before and got a very good name for themselves. They were on top form with front-person Shabby in a particularly boisterous and playful mood. It was a cracking set with something for everyone.

The headline band were Ill Gotten Gains from Basingstoke who have not long returned to live music after several months out whilst their bass-player recovered from an operation.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Ok, so the set was a little messy, but this is punk rock (or ska-punk in their case), so it doesn't really matter, it just adds to the enjoyment. Amazingly the whole evening was well organised and ran on time!

Thanks to all the bands for playing and to Kathleen and the staff at the Irish Centre for helping to make it such an enjoyable night.