HAVING wrestled in more than 1,900 matches, in 14 different countries, El Ligero has gained himself quite the reputation for being one of the hardest working people in British wrestling today.

Now, “the Mexican sensation” is set to add another promotion to his growing list of 185 when he takes to the squared circle for Basingstoke promotion Varsity Pro Wrestling (VPW) on February 24.

A 15 year veteran of the ring, the masked wrestler takes great pride in his busy schedule – even at times working two shows in one day.

Speaking to The Gazette through the use of a translator Ligero said: “A lot of it comes from a drive to be as busy as possible and work as much as I can, but I never thought I would get to the point where I would have this busy as schedule so I just wanted to embrace it as much as possible.

“I do take a lot of pride in the amount of work I do and the reputation I have built.

“I thought if I can’t be the best at something I thought I’d build a reputation as being one of the hardest working people.

“I tend to keep track of how many matches I do each year and try and beat that the following year.”

Having started wrestling in 2001, one thing Ligero has learnt is how to adapt to work to his audience.

Participating in singles matches, tag matches, over-18 shows and family shows, Ligero’s versatility is one of the main things that has kept him so busy.

Thanks to his interpreter he told The Gazette: “Wrestling for as many promotions has helped me adapt to any type of audience.

“One of the most important things is knowing your audience, and because I have thrown myself into so many different situations I know how to work with a different type of audience.”

With the show at the Vyne Community School being the 32-year-olds
first appearance for VPW, the Mexican sensation said he is looking forward to working with new talent.

He added: “I have really enjoyed passing on advice to the
next generation.

“I want the British wrestling scene to continue to do well for
generations to come.

“I always enjoy wrestling fresh talent in the ring as well, as you can give advice and still learn from them as well.

“If I can help encourage new talent and help them getting onto shows it is very rewarding.”

El Ligero will be part of the next VPW show in Basingstoke, for more information and tickets visit varsityprowrestling.com.