HUNDREDS of events are taking place over the borough until July 13. 

Here's a closer look at some of what's in store in week two. 

World Party, Eastrop Park

June 28, 11am-5.30pm 

Celebration of the culture, food and communities of the world in Basingstoke for the day. An unmissable highlight of the festival. 

Watch some 20 performances on the Main Stage - see the image for details. 
Join in 12 free workshops, enjoy international foods and shop at the Global Bazaar.  

Acro Chaps, The Malls 

June 28, 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Be dazzled by the charm, muscles and moustaches of the Strong Brothers, who perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring and balance - while sporting Victorian swimwear.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Bronzes for the World: The Morris Singer Foundry, Friends of the Willis Museum

June 28 - July 12

Exhibition celebrating the work of the famous foundry and the sculptors who employed the foundry's skills. 

The foundry was located in Basingstoke from 1967 - 1999 and is now at Lasham. 

Sculptures and metalwork cast by the foundry can be seen throughout Britain and many parts of the world. 

The Fairly Fresh Fish Company, The Malls

June 29, 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Street theatre with performers who 'carry' trays of dancing prawns and 'live' octopi, amongst other delights.

Creation Space Art Teachers' exhibition, Council Road

June 30 - July 11

Showcase of the talents of Sandy Kendell, Jenny Enters, Antonia Dewhurst and Jonathan Newey using a variety of media including watercolour and acrylic paintings from landscapes to life drawing. 

Some of the other events this week: 

Anvil Arts - Joe McElderry, Reduced Shakespeare Company, the Simon and Garfunkel Story, Dawn French

The Comedy of Errors, The Proteans, Walled Garden at Down Grange

Thunderstruck AC/DC tribute

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