LEGO Lost World Zoo

Milestones Museum

Februrary 26 until April 27

ROLL up, roll up to Milestones Museum, where a unique Victorian–style LEGO Lost World Zoo awaits you! 

I was given a sneaky peek in advance of its opening this week so that families could find out a little more about what’s in store.

On arrival, children will be given a Spotter’s Guide as they arrive. This handy little booklet includes every animal which is included in the ‘zoo’ and different amounts of points are awarded for locating each one.

You’ll be able to spot some dodos – and see an amazing related egg and bones from the museums service collection. 

And you’ll get a surprise when you turn a corner and encounter the wide jaws of Megalorsaurus the dinosaur. He makes a perfect picture opportunity, as do Neanderthal man and the vast Moa bird.

One of the ‘animals’ is a bit different as it will be under construction for the duration of the exhibition. During March, you can build a brick which will then become part of the giant woolly mammoth which is being constructed in the showground.

This incredible model will be over two metres high when it is finished and members of Bright Bricks, the professional LEGO building company, will be on hand to answer questions about it.  

Dotted around the museum are the empty crates these creatures have emerged from, and if you listen closely, you’ll be able to hear growling noises emanating from them!

In addition, the museum’s model railway has been adapted to become an aquarium filled with xencanthus, drepanaspis and an archelon turtle.

Expert LEGO builder Duncan Titmarsh, who is part of the team behind this ‘zoo’, said: “It has been a challenge but it has been great fun building these models. I particularly like the sabre toothed tiger. You first see it on the computer but when it is finally built and you stand back, you think, wow.”

Sheila Hennings, a museums manager for Hampshire County Council, added: “These are unique models which have been commissioned for this exhibition. You aren’t going to see these anywhere else.”

*Milestones Museum is open Tuesday to Friday 10am until 4.45pm, and weekends from 11am, with last entry at 3.45pm.

The LEGO Lost World Zoo exhibition includes fossil hunt fun sessions (pre-booking is essential), Minifigure making (additional fee applies) and interactive sessions (pre-booking is essential).

Full details are online at or call 0845 603 5635.